Travel and learn with Diversity School in Puerto Viejo

First hand experience from Silvana, who came to Puerto Viejo to learn, discover and volunteer. "Have fun-Do good"

Travel and learn with Diversity School in Puerto Viejo

The Spanish school in Puerto Viejo was exactly what I was looking for, and that was improving my Spanish skills and at the same time having fun, doing cooking lessons and visiting the Animal Rescue Center.

My journey in Costa Rica started in San Jose where I stayed for one night at Laura’s host family, Laura picked me up from the airport and on the way, she showed me a little of the city. At her house I met Tina, who later the next day traveled with me and become one of my travel buddies. The next day Laura made us breakfast and drove us to the bus station, where we took the bus to the Paradise (Puerto Viejo).

After a long trip we arrived at Casa Caribe where Sophie, one of our coordinators (I was working also as a volunteer there for almost 7 weeks-Social Care with kids), was waiting for us with fresh fruits, juice and a beautiful smile. The next day we want to do our Spanish test at Diversity School and met our Spanish teachers Ana and Fanny. Fanny was our amazing Puerto Viejo guide, she showed us the surroundings, all the necessary stuff we had to know about Puerto Viejo and of course offered us coconut water, that was my first time trying coconut water and it was delicious.

Enjoying Cocles beach

I had the luck to have Ana as my Spanish teacher for one week, who not only improved my Spanish but also become one of my special friends in Costa Rica. Is rare to find a teacher who has the ability to explain what she knows and at the same time doing it in a fun way, and Ana is one of them. Having classes at Caribeans (they have the best muffins in the whole Puerto Viejo), was the best class ever, a way to enjoy Caribbean chocolate and learn Spanish.

Studying Spanish Diversity School

During my stay in Puerto Viejo, I attended yoga classes on Thursdays and dancing classes on Mondays in Casa Caribe (which was my home for almost 2 months), that was super fun and relaxing.

Besides the amazing Puerto Viejo, I decided to visit also other beautiful places in Costa Rica. So, I took the bus with the destination La Fortuna, where I was impressed by the sight of Arenal Volcano and the relaxing hot springs. After La Fortuna next stop was Monteverde, here I was amazed by the hanging bridges and the cloud forest.

Costa Rica was for 2 months my home, here I made friends and met people whose kindness always surprised me, but also my Spanish improved a lot. A part of my heart I left in Costa Rica, especially with the kids which I work for almost 7 months. I had the best time of my life and hope to return soon.