Our philosophy

Our language program is based on the communicative approach, which is founded on the idea that learning lenguage successfully comes through having to communicate. The activities in the classroom will be focused on producing meaningful and real communication. During clases, our teachers constantly create situations in which students feel comfortable to communicate.

A different aproach

As a result emphasis is on communicative competence rather than perfect grammar. This makes the lessons more learner-centered. Because fine tuning the grammar is more important for advanced students, this is something we focus on later on in the learning proccess. We want our students to enjoy their lessons by teaching them how to speak as soon as posible.

Not only Spanish lessons

The language training follows an aprovved method of grammar lessons combined with Music, Literature, Art or Movies, additional fun activities like Salsa and Latin dance, Zumba or Yoga lessons, Cooking clases, Excursions to town to practice interview techniques or other real life situations, join Latin Movie nights, Environmental workshops and more

Your Spanish level does not matter

To determine the students level in Spanish, he/she completes a written evaluation test upon arrival. At the school we also do a short oral evaluation.

When a student signs up for private classes, the test helps the teacher to make a lesson plan. When he/she signs up for group lessons, we can make sure that we place him/her in a group with students of the same level.